About Chrissy

Chrissy Tustison is a wandering teacher and writer. She likes watching the sunrise from her surf board, diving into the ocean to swim with the strange creatures there, and reading until she doesn’t know what day it is. Her life’s dream is to become a sea lion. Books and the sea are her beloved companions, the places where she can be quiet and wild and truly herself all at once. She is captivated by the adventure of flying away to far corners of the earth with nothing but a backpack and some beer money. Her heart is scattered across many places, mostly California, Indonesia, and anywhere that her family ends up being. Read more from Chrissy on Elephant Journal. See more travel photos on Instagram.

(This blog is an accumulation of personal travel journals, articles, travel photos, and other types of word art such as quotes and excerpts. Its purpose is to tell stories, connect, and inspire. Hope you enjoy, and travel on.)


One thought on “About Chrissy

  1. We are so proud of you, praying for God’s blessings and your safety as you enjoy his creation. Love you, granddaughter! Thanks for all your writings so we can share in your travels through them.😊💞


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